Career Paths

The Northwestern MS in Health Communication is a highly flexible and highly marketable credential. Students advance or transition their careers in a variety of roles across the healthcare industry.

From non-profit, advocacy, or government organizations to for-profit healthcare organizations, the careers our students seek span the healthcare industry.

Who are Health Communication Professionals?

  • Professionals who design, produce, analyze and evaluate messages, interactions, media, networks and audiences in order to solve problems in healthcare
  • Designers who shape the next generation of mobile health apps and web interfaces
  • Practitioners who design behavior change communication campaigns and strategies
  • Leaders who communicate with diverse audiences about public health matters and use media and advocacy to influence policy
  • Researchers and scholars who contribute to the advancement of health communication science
  • Journalists who write about health and healthcare for public and industry publications
  • Professionals who work in advertising, consulting, public relations, and health marketing agencies

Sectors Hiring Health Communication Graduates

Advertising, PR, or marketing firms
Biotech firms
Consulting firms
Educational institutions
Federal, state, or local government health science, public health, or regulatory agencies 
Health-related charitable foundations
Health insurance companies 
Health systems
Hospitals or medical practices 
Information technology organizations
Large employers with internal health and wellness programs
Medical device manufacturers
Mobile health and social networking companies
Nonprofit or advocacy organizations
Pharmaceutical manufacturers
Professional associations
Publishing companies 
Research organizations
User experience and interaction design firms

Sample Titles

Interaction Designer
Communications and Outreach Coordinator
Digital Content Strategist
Community Relationship Specialist
Health Communication Specialist
Patient Engagement Specialist
Patient Experience Coordinator
Health Literacy/Plain Language Communication Specialist
Director of Health Communication
Director of Marketing and Communication
Quality Manager
International Health Communication Specialist
Senior Communications Manager
Communication Studies Instructor
Director of Health Education and Communication
Health Insurance Specialist
Communication Specialist, Environmental Health, Pandemic Preparedness and Catastrophic Response
Knowledge Center Manager
Marketing Outreach Consultant
Medical Editor
Patient Safety Leader
Practitioner: doctor, nurse, pharmacist, physician assistant, etc. 
Prevention Coordinator
Product Manager 
Risk Manager
Senior Health Writer
User Experience Designer
Senior Nutrition Communications Specialist

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